Bewo SCF 90 Sigma
Bewo SCF 90 Sigma

Bewo SCF-90 Sigma

The user-friendly Sigma is unequalled in the efficient mass production of large volumes of tubes and profiles. Changing over to another batch takes only 12 minutes (for a complete Sigma cutting line with deburring machine, a length control system and stacking robot), using just a few tools. The Sigma has this short changeover time, because most adjustments happen automatically. Besides that, our changeover sets are low priced. The user-friendly control panel analyses entered specifications and selects the most efficient settings for you. It even advises you which saw blade to use. The Sigma has a servo-controlled gripper feed without mechanical stop.
Furthermore the Sigma is very efficient with energy and is environmentally friendly. The Sigma consumes very little cutting oil and has a saw motor of 5,5 kW which carries out the cutting effortlessly. The power consumption of the Sigma is only 14 kW, due to the efficient designed saw head and a small hydraulic tank.

Most important: finished products are of very high quality. During transport the Sigma lifts the tubes, so there is no contact with either base or clamp jaw, leaving practically no scratches or deformations. Of course we can make many specific adaptations for you. Even the colour is adjustable.

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