Rusch 360A 41 Plus
Rusch 360A 41 Plus

Rusch 360A 41 Plus

Automatic band sawing machine for straight cuts. Twin column on sliding guide rails. Cutting capacity 360 x 360mm construction steels , alloys and stainless steels, profiles and solid.


  • RÜSCH® advanced numerical control with two-axis closed-loop.
  • Standard alphanumeric display with self-diagnosis and display of online help.
  • AUTOSAW  management automatically providing cutting parameters once programmed with material spec and length to be cut.
  • Machine stops in case of blade breakage or power failure.
  • Hydraulic oil pump shut down when machine left idle.
  • Automatic control of the slip during cutting.
  • Inverter motor with infinitely variable electronic speed of the blade.
  • Swarf conveyr.
  • Automatic blade cleaning system.
  • Integral coolant tank