Rusch M 300 TECH
Rusch M 300 TECH

Rusch M300 TECH

RÜSCH M TECH 300,  semi-automatic bandsawing machine.

  • From + 45 ° to -60 ° angle cuts.
  • Hydraulic tank.
  • Hydraulic bow down adjustment.
  • Hydraulic open and closing vice jaw.
  • RÜSCH® electrical control panel for management of manual and semi-automatic cutting cycles.
  • Display with cutting parameters monitoring, diagnostics and alarms.
  • Adjusting top and bottom cutting position.
  • Machine stop in case of blade breakage or insufficient voltage.
  • Electric pump for blade lubrication.
  • Key-controlled safety switch on the blade guard.
  • Blade cleaning brush.

Accessories – Material support roller – Instruction manual for use and maintenance – wrench kit supplied.

Optional accessories:  2m infeed roller -2m outfeed roller track-2m outfeed roller with length stop.